Schimmer GM Sygenta Calibrated Power Archoil Andover Junction Publications Hintzsche Calibrated Power Axis Wehrli Helena
President Scott Vivian Amboy 815-440-8320
Vice-President Matt Bauer Mendota 815-712-9531
Secretary Brock Olson   Somonauk 815-378-0427
Treasurer Brenda Gratz Harvard 815-560-1716
Directors: Bob Bettner   Paw Paw 815-627-3951
  Jeremy Beetz   Mendota 815-739-6172
  Mike Sauter   Tonica 630-669-9174
  Jason Yakey Rockford  
Track Directors Nathan Rogers   Paw Paw 815-274-1103
  Jon Simpson   Paw Paw 815-761-0953
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